My work is grounded in prairie landscape, having morphed from a painter in my twenties into a fabric explorer specialist in my thirties and then back to landscape again in my fifties.  It was informed by my mother’s journey as well.  Myrna Harris and I were each other’s artistic support system; photographing ideas on country drives, thrifting materials, transforming them through dye, thread and quilting, and eventually hanging them on the wall. 

Combing thrift stores for material and then dying those materials, I build a palette based on the natural world around me and endeavour to paint with my sewing machine.  Machine embroidery, quilting and hand embellishment finish one of a kind pieces.

I welcome commissions and have a large body of liturgical work, producing stoles and hangings for churches and individuals that abstract and elevate the landscape into a spiritual experience.


Would you like to learn more? Visit my studio and home through this video!